(stage performance - Premier 2020)

CHAMPIONS and MASS EFFECT are a double program of two contrasting stage performances that explore the psychological and physical states of endurance and resilience.

CHAMPIONS is an emotionally impactive performance installation that deals with universal issues of parent-child relations, loneliness and individual resilience. A story of a strained relationship between a gay man, his homophobic father, a stern mother, and a lonely individual comes to life as walls erupt into sudden action that blur the lines between intimacy and violence.

MASS EFFECT is a high-intensity performance by a cast of 7 international dancers and 11 community members. Together they push their physical limits, deal with exhaustion, motivation, and group dynamics in group endurance activity.

****** “Exceptionally beautiful and a powerful portrayal of the distinction between physical and mental endurance” - Kulturleben

****** “The double program of Champions and Mass Effect drill deep into your mind as they display mental and physical resilience in two different ways." - Ungtteaterblod.

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(7 screen surround sound video installation - Premier 2018)

LANDSCAPES is a large-scale (8x8 meters) public artwork that consists
of seven video monoliths that stand in a large circle resembling a modern
Stonehenge. Spectators stand in the centre of the installation as the seven
monoliths come to life with a collection of unfolding moving video images
accompanied by a surround sound atmospheric experience.

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(Immersive performance - Premier 2017)

GARDEN is an immersive performance for one audience member at a time. Inside GARDEN audience enter into an alternate world, guided through curtained corridors, led under dim lights and washed-over by ambient soundscapes. Nominated for a National Theatre Award (Reumert Award) in 2018.

****** "The maze felt infinite and the adventure world incredibly big. This performance impressed me with both the practical, emotional and actors abilities." - Den4væg.

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(Stage performance - Premier 2016)


WoMAN & WOMAN 1.1 are two solo works presented as a double program. Side by side these two performances blend physical theatre and dance into a wild and visual experience.


WoMAN is a transformative solo and a poetic work that uses a rich visual language to invoke a lucid landscape of feminine archetypes. From the virgin to the crone, between animal and human, images unfold as the performer embarks onto a metamorphic journey.


WOMAN 1.1 an uncompromising protest performance and an artistic manifestation against constraints of feminine stereotypes. High heels beat into the floor as a female performer runs at high speed under a set of microphones. Every footstep becomes a reclemation of space, sound and stance. Raw and confrontational this solo challenges social concepts of the feminine.

***** "Beautiful and breathtaking but also raw and brutal" - Den4væg.

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(Stage performance - Premier 2015)

Brutal, emotional and with high impact, ReDoing GENDER is a visually stunning performance that talks about the struggles men face when not conforming to social codes of normative masculinity.

****** "Raw and intense, an incredibly beautiful and enriching experience" -

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The WOMANhouse

(Stage performance - Premier 2015)

The WOMANhouse sees four powerfully athletic female performers transform themselves into men. Acting like typical blokes - with beards and all - they stir up fights and frenzy. Questioning masculinity in female bodies, they tear up stereotypical ideas about what it is to be a man - and about what female bodies might do. Tender aggressive, sexy, blurry - this show crosses all the lines.

****** "The WOMANhouse is an honest display of vulnerable realities between masculinity and feminine extremes.”" - XQ28

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