LANDSCAPES is a large-scale (8x8 meters) public artwork that consists of seven video monoliths that stand in a large circle resembling a modern Stonehenge. Spectators stand in the centre of the installation as the seven monoliths come to life with a collection of unfolding moving video images accompanied by a surround sound atmospheric experience.

Silhouettes of hills and mountains span around the viewer as a vast landscape moves across each screen. Enormous rumbling sounds fill the space like tectonic plates that are moving the earth. The moving landscapes are in fact not landscapes at all but are the silhouettes of seven senior citizens bodies. Limbs, torsos and legs camouflage themselves as desserts, mountains and hills as microscopic details of skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and hairs come to life. Eventually from the bodily landscapes seven stunning portraits of seven diverse senior identities appear. Like untimely ancestral beings they take their space and stare at the viewer with warmth.

LANDSCAPES postulates between aging bodies, diverse identities and the world we reside within. The installation features seven different LGBTQIA+ senior citizens recruited from around Europe and celebrates their bodies and portrait’s in the form of a public artwork. The work shines light on senior queer identities whom are often overlooked, dismissed or forgotten. LANDSCAPES is a public artwork that speaks of universal themes such as: aging, body positivity and togetherness.



Landscapes has been specifically designed for installation and presentation in different types of venues. The installation is 8x8 meters in size and is can be shown in the following types of venues:

• Public spaces (Indoor spaces)
• Musuems
• Cultural centres
• Galleries
• Site Specific Locations
• Black Box Spaces
• Theatre foyers
The installation is appropriate for all ages and can be presented
in a range of public venues.

Landscapes has simple technical requirements and makes it an easy installation to be curated at your venue.

Installation dimensions: width 8x8 meters, height 2,44 meters.

Minimum required space for the installation: width: 9x9 meters, height: 4 meters



Company: Himherandit Productions
Artists: Andreas Constantinou, Dagmara Bilon, Christoffer Brekne
Sound Artist: Marlou Vriens
Technician and sound editor: Jeppe Cohrt
Assistant technician: Jakob Thau
Senior Performers: Henning Silberg, Geoffrey Lilly, Lesley Stuart Tate, Carol Mcintosh, Manuela Solvez, Mary-Ann Næsted Nielsen, Troels Jørgensen, Teresa Albor.
Co-producers: Bora Bora - dance and visual theatre
Funded by: Danish Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality Arts Council, The Nordic Culture fund.

Above: 2 minute example of LANDSCAPES installed

Below: 2 minute video example from the 7 videos

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.46.09.png

Above: LANDSCAPES - installed in black box space.

Below: LANDSCAPES - installed at Dokk1, Denmark.