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Dare we face the inevitable? That sooner or later
we have to this place- like all our loved ones?
With “Carcass” HIMHERANDIT Productions deals
with the end of life in a gripping, brutal and fragile
performance, which also has space for quirky
humor. In front of a massive mirror six performers
and their bodies find a life-affirming answer to what
cannot be put into words.

“Carcass” is not about what might await us after
death. Or about faith or religion. In our Western
culture, we tend to hold death at arm’s length.
“Carcass” wants to shed light on how we accept
that some day it must end. On how we let go of our
fears and remember to live life while we are here.
Despite this gloomy and deeply moving subject,
HIMHERANDIT Productions manages to create an
experience full of life.

The massive mirror wall – in certain cultures a portal to the other side – fills up most of the stage where the six performers catapult their bodies into this wrestling match with the end of life. With the cold, clinical examination. The violent and primal struggle. The absurd humour. The warm-blooded roar with the spark of life. The fragile last breath. The tear in the corner of the eye may not come from sorrow, but from release.


Choreographer/Artistic Director: Andreas Constantinou
Performers: Aris Papadopoulos, Theo Marion-Wuillemin,
Elise Ludinard, Paola Drera, Heli Pippingsköld, William
Scenography design: Jeppe Cohrt, Andreas Constantinou
Scenography construction: Jeppe Cohrt
Video design: Christoffer Brekne
Technical Manager: Jeppe Cohrt
Sound Design: Andreas Constantinou
Dramaturg: Siri Knutsen
Light Design: Christoffer Brekne
Co-Producers: Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater
Funded and Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus
Kommune, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden

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