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Year Premiered: 2014

Brutal, emotional and with high impact, ReDoing GENDER offers a visually stunning universe, that talks about the struggles men face when not conforming to social codes of normative masculinity.

ReDoing GENDER sees a confused ape struggle to find a gender identity amid a laboratory experiment. Overseen by the gaze of a researcher, rewards and punishments inflict the apes behaviour. The savage tests lead to a heart wrenching ending and a primate’s metamorphosis into a sobbing man baby. With humor and tragedy, ReDoing GENDER questions what masculinity is amid the gaze of patriarchal power.


Themes of patriarchy and power are portrayed through an imaginative setting that see the stage transformed into an animal testing facility. In the laboratory resides’ a researcher and his subject: an ape. The ape unwillingly embarks upon a series of experiments and correctional treatments, aimed at conditioning gendered behaviours to align with sex.

The results are a breathtaking visual story that invokes empathy and questions social attitudes towards what it means to be a man.

ReDoing Gender won an award for best performance by the Danish Scholarship Committee in 2014.


Artistic Director / Concept & Creation: Andreas Constantinou

Performers: Aris Papadopoulos, Andreas Constantinou

Light design: Jeppe Cohrt, Peer Mariboe

Sound design: Jeppe Cohrt, Andreas Constantinou

Technical Manager: Jeppe Cohrt

Dramaturg: Dagmara Bilon, Jeppe Nissen

Music sample: PJ Harvey, Vivaldi 

Co-producers: Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater

Funded and Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune

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