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The GENDER HOUSE QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL is a tri-annual queer arts festival that takes place in Aarhus, Denmark. Every three years the festival aims to deliver a broad program of performances, exhibitions, seminars and workshops by international, national and local artists that deal with topics of gender, sexuality and identity.

The first edition of The GENDER HOUSE QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL took Aarhus by storm in September 2018 with a month long program of over 27 activities presented across ten of the cities leading theatres, cultural centres, art schools, production houses, library and museums. The GENDER HOUSE QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL was Aarhus cities first ever large scale festival dedicated solely to the visibility of the queer arts. The festival brings queer narratives into the public arena and questions social norms and taboos. The first edition of the festival asked: what's queer? Is it here? Are you used to it?

The GENDER HOUSE QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL'S mission is to develop the cities cultural growth layer through artistic initiatives that are daring and unafraid of non-conforming expressions. To bring the underground to the surface and to emplower marginalized communities.

In 2019 HIMHERANDIT Productions received the Aarhus Applaus Award for the first edition of THE GENDER HOUSE QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL.
The 2nd edition of the festival took place between the 24th September - 10th October 2021. 

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