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HIMHERANDIT takes over ARoS Public and transforms the floor into an immersive performance installation space. During ARoS opening hours, the video installation of the participants portraits is played in a loop. The soundscape from the installation flows out and envelops the entire floor and forms a sound backdrop for the various performance events that take place during the month.


HOME QUEER HOME is an art project created by HIMHERANDIT Productions, which stages personal narratives from LGBTQIA+ environments. The purpose of the project is to give space to marginalized voices and give an insight into what it is like to be queer in today's Denmark.


The project started in 2022, when HIMHERANDIT created HOME QUEER HOME for the opening of the Horsens Theater Festival. In collaboration with 80 queer young people, we created an artistic investigation and dissemination of young queer identities' relationship to freedom, security, identity and belonging - where they felt at home. This resulted in an installation and performance space, centered on the young people's personal video portraits, where the 80 young people participated in a simple performance where they stood together, and claimed their own presence. Now HIMHERANDIT is creating the project's second installation and performance work, which focuses on the generation gap in queer environments.

Queer Generation Gap

All generations have their differences and generation gaps are natural social occurrences. But among LGBTQIA+ communities, the distance between the age groups appears larger and more cut off from each other. The lack of interaction, common discourses, sharing of knowledge and reflections across queer generations is conspicuous.


What are the differences and similarities between the generations and their self-understanding of what it means to be a queer individual today? How is the younger generation reflected in older queer identities? What opportunities are there to interact across generations? How and where do you learn your queer history? What do home, freedom and belonging mean to different queer generations today?

Description of installation and performance

Seven monolithic video screens, towering like a queer StoneHenge at ARoS Public. On the seven screens, intimate video portraits of queer people who share their stories and experiences about public safety, body, family, visibility, community, homophobia/transphobia, queer history and sexuality are seen and heard. Powerful present testimony of what home, freedom and belonging mean to queer people today.

Somewhere at ARoS a performance is in progress. Two people sit opposite each other on a rainbow, one young and one elderly. They sit silently and watch each other. A conversation, a recorded conversation, between the two is heard from speakers around them. We hear how they curiously ask about each other's life stories and reflect in each other across their generational differences.

​Himherandit is looking for 10 queer people in the age 50+ to be part of a video and performance installation at Aros in June 2023.

  • Are you #lgbtqia+?

  • Are you aged 50+?

  • Do you want to share your life story, perspectives and experiences of marginalization with others in interaction with a younger queer person?

  • Do you want to be part of the performance and video installation at Aros in June 2023?

Then Home Queer Home is for you!


Are you interested, then contact us on


First week in May, we will come and visit you where you live, and prepare an interview, which will turn into a video portrait that will be played in a video installation. We will have had some telephone conversations in advance where we will go over the questions for the interview, so that you would have the opportunity to prepare.

The second week in May, you will be paired with one young queer person and take part in a workshop where we facilitate conversations between the generations and, in collaboration with you, prepare a simple performance centered around your unique encounter and your reflection on your generational differences and similarities. This will result in a unique performance that reflects your meeting. The performance will last approx. 30 minutes

One day in June, you and your partner will perform this performance three times. The date of your performance will be agreed with you during April. Performances will be held weekdays in the period 14-28. June 2023 at ARoS. A performance day proceeds as follows:

  • 17.00: Arrival and rehearsal

  • 18.00-18.30: Performance

  • 19.00-19.30: Performance

  • 20.00-20.30: Performance


On 21st of June, you are invited to take part of the massive QUEER QUILT Performance

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