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Q&A are HIMHERANDIT Productions new studios that house the company’s artistic practise as well as support the development of local, national and international queer artists through residencies, mentorship and collaboration.

Q&A Studios are Aarhus city’s first ever performance art studios dedicated solely to the development of queer art and queer artists.


Q&A Studios offers residencies to local, national and international Queer Art Makers. Our residencies are aimed at supporting research and artistic investigation and are not focused on production. We offer residencies to artists that work between the lines of performance, live art, visual art, installation, sound and video art. 


Q&A Studios strives to support artists that defy traditions, queer the boarders of what performance is and can be, dare to stand out from the “artistic usual or genre normative”.  We support artistic practices that are bold, daring, artistically uncompromising and unapologetic in their forms.


We prioritise supporting LGBTQIA+ artists that consider their work to be intrinsically queer, art made by people who identify as queer, art that relates to queer themes, art that is inherently queer in its artistic expression.  


What our residencies offer?

  • Full time access to our facilities and office space

  • Your own studio space (24 hours access)

  • Artistic sparing with Andreas Constantinouif wanted (Artistic Director of Himherandit Productions)

  • Networking with local art and culture organisations in Aarhus

  • Access to a personal bike

  • Assistance with finding accomodation

Currently Q&A Studios do not offer any financial subsidies for residencies but offer all of the above in kind.

How long are our residency periods?

We offer residencies periods that range from a minimum of 1 week up to 4 weeks.

How to apply for a residency?

Send us an email expressing your interest with a short introduction about yourself, your artistic practice and why you would like a residency at our Queer Art Studios.  Please include a portfolio of your work and proposed time frames.  


We curate the residencies every 6 months and do this both through open calls and the on-going requests we receive from artists. So feel free to send us an email to introduce yourself and your practise and we will be sure to be in touch.


We have a high request for residencies and our studios are quickly occupied, so we urge artists that have not been selected in residency periods to sustain contact with us for future possible residencies.


Our open calls will be announced through our website and social media. Currently the only available residency time frames for 2022 left are in June and December, please apply via email. The next call out for spring of 2023 will be in Fall 2022. Follow our social media to keep updated.


Q&A Studios are situated at Tomsagersvej 25, Aabyhøj, 8230, and we are neighbours with Mono Studios (Recording and rehearsal studios that facilitate concerts, networking and inspiration for musicians.) You can Read more about Mono here:

Our facilities are a short bus or bike ride away from the city centre of Aarhus and provide a quiet space where artists can fully immerse themselves in research and development. 

Our facilities include:



Our big studio is perfectly suited for performance based research. The studio has a warm and light atmosphere, a sprung floor with a good quality sound system to accommodate artists that work between: dance, physical theatre, live-art and performance based practices.

The big studio windows can be blacked out with molton and the studio is equipped with a basic lighting rig.


  • 14x7 meter studio

  • Bright and light windows– can be blackened out with molton.

  • sprung dance floor covered with dance marley

  • sound system

  • basic lighting

  • Mirrors on the wall that can be covered.

  • Central heating.


Our Atelier (small studio) is perfectly suited for interdisciplinary artists, visual artists and solo performance makers. The studio has a concrete floor with dance marley over it, sound system and can be blackened out when needed.


  • 8.4x4.5 meters studio

  • Can be blackened out

  • Sound system included

  • Dance marley (black or white)

  • Concrete floor under dance marley.

  • Metal sound proofing on wall – possible to be used as bulletin board.

  • Central heating.

  • Desk table.


We have a cosy office with table space suitable for up to four persons working on their laptops.  The office can be used for those quiet administration days or alternatively to take a rest in and lounge on the office sofa.  The office sofa can be transformed into a bed and suitable for short stays when needed.  



  • 5.6x2.9 meter office space

  • Table/desk and chairs

  • Sofa-Bed (Suitable for short stay overs)

  • TV

  • Small cupboard space

  • Printer



We have a small open kitchenette situation in the heart of our studios. The kitchenette is the perfect place for artists to eat lunch together and socialise when on breaks from their artistic process in their studios.


  • Dinning Table and chairs

  • Sofa

  • Small kitchen counter

  • Small fridge-freezer

  • Small table top oven

  • Cutlery

  • Cleaning products

  • Dishwasher (located in the small bathroom)



Q&A Studios are equipped with two toilets and a shower room.


Q&A Studios have a large garden area which are perfect for social gatherings and BBQ's during the summer months.

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