CHAMPIONS and MASS EFFECT is a double program of two contrasting performances that explore the psychological and physical states of endurance and resilience. From the emotional impact of CHAMPIONS to the joyous energetic release of MASS EFFECT, this double program engages audience and has them at the edge of their seats.



What makes us all champions? What are we dealing with in our personal lives? Do we ever stop and deal with our vulnerabilities?

Champions is an emotionally impactive performance installation that deals with universal issues of parent-child relations, loneliness and individual resilience. The performance features the interview recordings of the artist’s father, mother and himself in conversation with his therapist.

During this 30 minute performance installation Andreas Constantinou challenges himself to do nothing in front of a live audience. Gradually a personal story is revealed. A story of a strained relationship between a gay man, his homophobic father, a stern mother, and a lonely individual who is facing his deepest vulnerabilities. The installation space comes to life, the walls erupt into sudden action as video projections spill across the room. A full blown wrestling match fills the walls as two men throw each other between different landscapes. Violence and intimacy become ambiguous as their bodies entwine with each others. The images tell of a subconscious battle within the self. The videos switch on and off in rhythmic intervals between the silent room where the performer endures sitting with himself and the audience. Out of the silent room objects start coming to life. Voices appear out of the radio, tv and grammerphone in the room. These are the voices of the artist’s father, mother, therapist and himself.



How do groups push themselves through extreme physical activity? How do we transcend ourselves with the support of the collective? Is there an energetic mass effect that happens when groups choose to collectively unite?

MASS EFFECT is a high-intensity performance by a cast of 7 international performers and 11 community members. Together they push their physical limits, deal with exhaustion, motivation, and group dynamics in group endurance activity. Group dynamics manifest through spatial patterns carved out amidst complex running formations. Team collaboration becomes the key element for the group to be tuned into the same bodily rhythm as they push to their physical thresholds. Together they move beyond exhaustion as they find their second wind. A second wind is an unpredictable phenomenon experienced in sports and long distance running
whereby an athlete who is out of breath and too tired to continue suddenly finds the strength to press on at top performance with less exertion.


10-15 members of the local community join the 7 dancers on stage in the last 15 minutes of this 45 minute performance. They enter stage and pump up energy to offer the 7 performers that last push to keep going. The community members help activate the so-called crowd effect, filling the theatre with an energetic pulse, a total Mass Effect. The result is a tremendous spectacle that fills the room with vitality and joy, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, wishing to join them on stage.




Choreographer/Director: Andreas Constantinou

Collaborating director: Dagamara Bilon

Performers: Andreas Constantinou, Aris Papadopoulos, Jesper Holm Hermansen

Video design: Christoffer Brenke

Installation design: Jeppe Cohrt, Andreas Constantinou

Sound design: Jeppe Cohrt
Music sample from Ghosteen by Nick Cave

Dramaturg: Jeppe Nissen

Psychologist/dramaturg: Kristine Graugaard,

Wrestling coach: Mikkel Wind,

Artistic assistant: Rita Maria Faria

Creative producer: Kirstine
Marie Bauning

Co-produced by Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater.

Funded by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune


Choregorapher/Director: Andreas Constantinou

Light and sound design: Jeppe Cohrt, Christofer Brekne

Performers: Aris Papadopoulos, Aline Sanchez, Kim Amankwaa, Theo Marion, Bjorn Vårsjo, Paola Drera, Elise Ludinard

Music: Full of fire - the Knife.

Artistic assistant/community engagement leader: Rita Maria Munoz Farias

Creative producer: Kirstine Bauning

Co-produced by Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater.

Funded by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune.



****** “Exceptionally beautiful and a powerful portrayal of the distinction between physical and mental endurance” - Kulturleben

****** “I am deeply moved by the personal and bold story of Champions, and I have great respect for the innovative way of putting it into the word” - KulturNyt.

****** “With energy and a spark for life, the dancers in Mass Effect tear the audience out of their lonely trivialities and make them pulse in their seats” - KulturNyt.

****** “The double program of Champions and Mass Effect drill deep into your mind as they display mental and physical resilience in two different ways. Compelling and engaging.” -Ungtteaterblod.

****** “Champions is enormously sensual and enormously serene at the same time. Mass Effect is beautiful, delicious and immensivly engaging, i sat close and lost my breath with the cast” - En Tur I Kulturland.

***** “Mass Effect and Champions are dynamic, enthralling and fun” - Stiften.

**** “Champions is moving while Mass Effect is entertaining and impressive” - Iscene.

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