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Year Premiered: 2018

LANDSCAPES is a (8x8 meters) 7 screen video installation consisting of 7 monoliths that stand in a large circle resembling a modern Stonehenge.
Spectators stand in the centre of the installation as the seven monoliths come to life with a collection of unfolding moving video images accompanied by a surround sound atmospheric experience.

Silhouettes of hills and mountains span around the viewer as a vast landscape moves across each screen. Enormous rumbling sounds fill the space like tectonic plates that are moving the earth. The moving landscapes are in fact not landscapes at all but are the silhouettes of seven senior citizen’s bodies. Limbs, torsos and legs camouflage themselves as desserts, mountains and hills as microscopic details of skin, blemishes, wrinkles, and hairs come to life. Eventually 7 stunning portraits of seven diverse senior identities appear. Like untimely ancestral beings they take their space and stare at the viewer with warmth.

The installation features 7 different LGBTQIA+ senior citizens recruited from around Europe and celebrates their bodies and portrait’s. The work shines light on senior queer identities whom are often overlooked, dismissed or forgotten.

LANDSCAPES is an artwork that speaks of universal themes such as: aging and body positivity


Artistic Director / Concept & Creation / Choreographer: Andreas Constantinou

Collaborating Artist: Dagmara Bilon

Video design: Christoffer Brekne, Andreas Constantinou

Video editing:: Cristoffer Brekne

Installation design: Jeppe Cohrt, Andreas Constantinou

Assistant technician: Jakob Thau

Technical Manager: Jeppe Cohrt

Performers: Henning Silberg, Geoffrey Lilly, Lesley Stuart Tate, Carol Mcintosh, Manuela Solvez, Mary-Ann Næsted Nielsen, Troels Jørgensen, Teresa Albor.

Co-Producers: Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater

Funded and Supported by: Statens kunstfond, Aarhus kommune, Nordisk Kultur Fonden, Dokk1

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