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Ego-Logical Landscape

Bora Bora, Aarhus, February 2012


Developed from an installation at Performers Festival May 2011 by artists Noelia Mora Solvez and Andreas Constantinou


Dramaturgy: Magnus Errboe

Costume design: Jeppe Worning

Production: Adric Constantinou-Etheredge

Photography: Paw Friis


With support from: Kulturudviklingspuljen, Kultur og borgerservice, Aarhus Kommune

Ego-Logical Landscape


This quirky and mesmerising piece brings the best of physical theatre, performance art and contemporary dance to the stage, exploring the world of performance artists as newly discovered creatures in their natural habitat.


Bora Bora (Theatre for Dance and Visual Theatre) have co produced this together with HIMHERANDIT to bring you the latest work from the Aarhus based artists.


Whether or not you have an interest in anthropology, socialology, artists, wildlife or just people watching(!), you are sure to be to intreged by watching this accessable and thought provoking performance. 


Recent breakthroughs in the field of Zoology have allowed humanity to discover, study and understand the existence of hidden animals through out the world.


Expeditions into the deepest seas, expansive jungles and tallest mountains have allowed remarkable sightings of hidden species that are both rare and exceptional.


Ego-Logical Landscape is the result of himherandit productions latest expedition into one of the largest jungles of them all, the jungle of culture. Observe this fascinating journey into the wilderness to follow, observe and find out about one of the most extraordinary and exceptional creatures of them all, The Performance Artist (or Artistco Performphalarope in technical terms).


Witness the behaviour of one of the most mystical, fascinating and bizarre creatures of them all as they interact, play and reside in their natural habitat. Audiences have the opportunity to sit back and intimately view these creatures up close and personal, as together we scrutinize their every action in the search for comprehending their nature and out of the ordinary ways.

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