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Installed at Performers Festival (a week long performance arts festival in Denmark. May 2011



Noelia Mora Solvez

Andreas Constantinou


Production team

Emil Rothmann

Adric Constantinou-Etheredge

Jeppe Cohrt

Leon Vidmar

Kaja Balog

Ego-Logical Landscape


The work is a playful multimedia installation that explores artists’ egos. Humorous self irony is at the heart of Ego-logical Landscape. Andreas and Noelia play their alteregos in a series of performance videos that witness the artists promote, brag and insist on the importance of their own artistic practice.


Often artists are told that they have to let go of their ego to enable them to produce profound work, however what if an artist would nurture their own ego as they would nurture their own garden?


The work displays artists narcissistic behaviour, a product sold by an environment that demands high levels of self importance.

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