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Exhibited at Hafnarfardur Theatre, Iceland. 


Created by Andreas Constantinou



Alice Tatger



Embrace is a filmic video installation that explores the fragmentation of the mind and personifies the central characters’ memory into a second living, talking character.


One actress who plays each role in two contrasting environments plays these two characters. One character stands in a field surrounded by barracks, the setting is full with vibrant colours. The second character sits on a swing in a council estate playground; the surroundings are devoid of all colours, striped down to a stark black and white. 


From each private space the characters engage in an absurd dialogue with each other, describing and remembering a haunting tale of loss and death. Embrace is ambiguous and leaves much room for the spectators’ own interpretation.


The works intent is not to display linear narrative but rather to reveal through one repeating scene a dialogue of human anxiety, desperation and the psychology of bereavement. Displaying the inability to let go of a lost loved one and the forever-lasting embrace of memory.  

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