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Performed in Sundholl Swimming Pool, Reykjavik, Iceland


In Co-operation with:

Spiral Dance Company


University of Iceland 

University of Reykjavík


Choreographer / Director

Andreas Constantinou

The Opening


Through the fusion of performance, music and site specific installation art, The Opening took over and saturated the Sundhöll building with the most evocative of atmospheres creating a world of mystery, madness and magic. Artist Andreas Constantinou desired audiences to rediscover their childlike excitement and anticipation of exploring the unknown and experience a real sense of adventure.


In The Opening audiences were given the freedom to roam the entire building, to follow any theme, plot line or performer they chose, or simply wander around, soaking up the atmosphere of a magical yet passing world.


This was all emphasized by the unique layout of the swimming pool with two floors of changing rooms which were mostly unchanged since the pool opened in the 1930's, lending itself easily to the theme of that time period.


Everything from the glamour of the time (which a fabulous opera singer perched on the tall diving board) to the doctors administering electro-shock therapy was presented in a way the audience could roam about in.

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