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Performed in Godsbanen, Aarhus. Denmark (A former freight rail station)



Andreas Constantinou

Noelia Mora Solvez



Andreas Constantinou

Noelia Mora Solvez

Anne Sofie Lee Bundgaard

Vigdís Eva Guðmundsdóttir



A site specific work inspired by the oldest story of all time, Adam and Eve. Set in the former freight railway building "Godsbanen" in Aarhus , the performance covered three floors of this grand old building where audience members could follow their curiousity.


Through the fusion of performance, music and site specific installation art, Paradise took over and filled the Godbanen building with the most evocative of atmospheres creating a world of mystery, madness and magic.


Artists Andreas Constantinou and Noelia Mora Solvez asked audiences to rediscover their childlike excitement and anticipation of exploring the unknown and experience a new sense of adventure. In Paradise audiences were given the freedom to roam the building, follow any plot line or performer they choose, or simply wander around, absorbing the atmosphere of a mystical and passing world.


All three floors were transformed to include installations, every room with its unique character and around every corner, a surprise!

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