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- Critical Opinions -



******  – XQ28


“ReDoing GENDER 1.5 is a one man show that challenges gender construction to such an extent that it feels to narrow too be called a one man show.”

– XQ28, Denmark, 2015


***** -Ungt Teater Blod


“A sharp political spectacle where gender debate takes focus”

-Ungt Teater Blod, Denmark, 2015


***** - 5 Stjerner


“Sometimes a little too much, crossing the boarders, crossing lines yet utterly wonderful, Redoing GENDER 1.5 is certainly something worth experiencing. It will give rise to discussion and reflection”

- 5 Stjerner, Denmark, 2015


**** – Kulturtid


“It is incredible how much control An- dreas Constantinou has over his own body. This is art on the highest level. The finest thing about these two performances are that they live in the memory long after the show is done.”

– Kulturtid, Denmark, 2015


***** - A Mantastic World


"This show is for those who demand a little more then just a spectacle, it's raw, it's deep, it's sharp and its straight to the point. It is both tasteless, offensive and extremely catchy"

- A Mantastic World, Denmark, 2014


*** - Teater1 


"He stands in a soft light and flexes his muscles, his body is toned, beautiful and well proportioned. He moves beautifully, gracefully and looks like a statue from antiquity. It is great to see a man addressing gender issues in ReDoing GENDER."

- Teater1, Denmark 2014


Audience Quotes


"ReDoing GENDER was mind blowing in the best of ways. It was funny, sexy, serious, political and provocative and what a body control the performer has!"

- Henning Silberg, Statens Scenekunstskole


"What an amazing effect with the baby head, i felt and urge to take care of the baby on the floor, my breasts almost started to produce milk! It was raw, honest, brutal and beautiful."

- Kari Vig Petersen, Student at Copenhagen School of Contemporary Dance


"It is a fantastic and fascinating performance."

- Sebastian Mohr, Lecturer at Aarhus University


"Powerful and Brave."

- Troels Hagen Finsen, Performer at Teater Momentum


"It's a small big performance you have made, i come back and bring as many as i can carry to see it"

Kaare PPhotographer and Writer







ReDoing GENDER Awarded for it's artistic quality by The Danish Arts Foundation


The committee said about the work:


"The performance Redoing Gender marks Andreas Constantinou, as a new exciting name on the physical and visual performance scene in Denmark. In an intimate, naked and fascinating universe queer and masculine identity is tackled with in loving treatment. An entertaining work that both gives the audience something to think about and leaves them wanting to see more."

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