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Performed at:

Bora Bora Dance and Visual Theatre as part of Kulturnat Aarhus, Oct 2011


Companhia de Danca de Almada, Portugal, Sept 2011


Spot on Choreographic Platform,

Dansehallenere, Copenhagen 2010


Finalist, Aarhus International Choreography Competition 2010



Andreas Constantinou

Noelia Mora Solvez

Showroom Dummies

2010 - 2011

Showroom Dummies is a dance theatre work, short snappy, full of humour and self irony. The work is a satire based upon what it is to be a choreographer and how to make the perfect dance work.


Through paraody Showroom Dummies plays and pokes fun at the nuances and habits so often seen within contemporary dance framworks. The works movement score is a combination of gesture, voice and text and is best described as a cross between performance art and physical theatre.


In this work the artists create a language that is stylistically their own: quirky movement, bold statements and charmingly provocative content that can be considered a distinct signature trait of HIMHERANDIT productions


Starting with "Step 1, walk towards the audience as though you are walking towards something very important." Noelia and Andreas take us through these steps with not always the expected outcome.


As you can hear from the youtube video filmed at the Spot On Choreogrpahic Platform, Copenhagen, the audience reacted well to the piece and are laughing throughout - in fact if you want to know about the piece, you can watch the full work just here!


The work has been shown in various festivals and platforms, giving a great alternative prospective when programmed beside contemporary dance works.



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