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Performed at:

Performers Festival 2012, Silkeborg, DK


Europa Pont, Budapest, Hungary. January 2012


Performers Festival 2011, Silkeborg, DK



Andreas Constantinou

Karin Sjöholm

Magnus Errboe

Jeppe Cohrt

Elsebeth Toftdahl Cohrt


Supported by funding from Aarhus Kommune

Tales of Joy and Woe

2010 - 2012

Tales of Joy and Woe is a musical theatre production that blends story telling with musical soundscapes to create an overall avant-garde experience that takes fairy tales for adults to a new level.


Depicting modern day issues and dilemmas as part of known fairytales becomes ground for playful context in this production. Some of the stories include: Little red riding hood; a tale transformed into a story of rape and brutal revenge. The three little pigs; a tale transformed into a story about terrorism and modern day gun culture and Little Napoleon; a tale about a young selfish leader who takes his men blindly into battle.


Tales of Joy and Woe is an act that beautifully blends theatrics and music into one wholesome production, with unique, cutting edge song writing that culminates into an innovative overall show.


Reminiscent of acts such as The Tiger Lilies and The Dresden Dolls, Tales of Joy and Woe are most certainly an act that is worth seeing and hearing.

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