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Talking GENDERS - Education Program


Talking GENDERS Education program & Youth Project are two different opportunities we offer for schools, universities and young people between the ages of 16-25.  Our program and project aim to engage youth today in creative discussion and artistic development around topics of gender. 



(For Schools, Universities and Folk High Schools)



Our Talking GENDERS - Educational Program is a unique one-day creative arts education that can be purchased by Schools, Universities, and Folk High Schools. The program offers a half day of creative education with your students. This includes: A professional physical theatre Performance, Group-Class Discussion and a Creative Workshop.


This unique program offers the opportunity for your students to experience a day of high quality artistic content, both educational and fun. When your school purchases our Education Program, our artistic team will then travel to your school and deliver a rich content of performance, discussion-debate and workshops that raise current themes of Gender, Identity and Sexuality with your students.


If your school does not have the facilities to host such an event, alternatively it is possible to purchase a program where your school comes to Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark.  Here we will deliver our educational pack with your students in a professional dance theatre environment. Our Talking GENDERS program through a dance and physical theatre experience specifically addresses themes of Modern Masculinity, Patriarchy, Non hetero normativity and Queerness





We use a friendly, creative and artistic environment to address important social themes with students.


The topics of gender are highly relevant to younger audiences today as Identities are being formed and molded by the world we live in on unconscious and conscious levels. Talking Genders encourages students to consider, question and reflect what gender actually means to us in todays society. We encourage students to leave our program with a broader view and perspective on how we see ourselves’ and others’ in the world we live in based on our defined or undefined Genders and sexualities.


What is it to be masculine? What is it to be man? Is our gender determined by our anatomical sex? Is masculinity and femininity the same as Man and Woman? Can a man wear a dress freely? How is a woman viewed if she chooses to be bald? What are the social consequences of not fitting into a specific gender role?


Such questions are posed to students through our Talking Genders program and doing so ignites a creative exchange to spark inquisitiveness, curiosity, and thoughtfulness. We aim to give a voice to the marginalized, promote diversity and provoke thought with students in our Talking Genders program.


Our workshops and artist talks are led in English language. The performance ReDoing GENDER 1.5 contains nudity and is recommended for 16+





"We had an inspiring day with the performance and intense discussion after talk. The performance offered our students insight into the subject of gender from new and important perspectives. We are very happy with Himherandit Productions Education Program" - Simon Stagis, Teacher, Silkeborg Højskole, 2015








The Himherandit educational team faciliting a workshop

The Himherandit educational team faciliting a dance workshop

Five young people in a Himherandit Youth Perfromance at Performers House 2012

Seven young people performing the results of a youth project  2013

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