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The GENDERhouse Projects

2013 - 2018

The GENDERhouse projects are a six-year performance project based on the themes of  gender, sexuality and identity in today’s society. The GENDERhouse as a whole contains: performances, laboratories, educational programmes and community engagement projects leading up to a grand finale GENDERhouse festival in 2018.

Each of our GENDERhouse projects are designed to develop yearly cultural investigation through performance art based activities in which the meeting point between audiences and the subject matter takes focus to ignite reflection and thought provocation on current gender debates. The six-year project contains 8 professional performances that span out between 2013-2018, 3 international laboratories for symposium and networking between 2016-2018, Yearly community engagement programs and a grand finale festival in 2018.

Where it all began:



In 2013 Andreas Constantinou ignited The GENDERhouse projects with the drive and ambition to create a platform where national and international audiences could spark dialogue and discourse around important gender topics. This was aimed at giving voice to the marginalized and promoting diversity while challenging and questioning our social attitudes towards modern day genders.


What is it to be man? What is it to be masculine? Is masculinity separate from being male? What about femininity? What is it to be woman? Do our bodies define our genders? What lay between social perceptions of sex? Can we think beyond a binary state of gender?


Asking such questions served as the starting points to map out a series of performances, educational programs, laboratories and symposiums that could tackle such subject matters with depth and insight to offer an authentic discussion that is unafraid of asking awkward questions. The six-year program therefore includes a wide range of artistic activities to embrace a wide demographic of audiences from contrasting ages, cultures and sexualities. Doing so aims to raise a full rounded discourse that addresses the voices of todays’ people. From playfulness, to critical thinking, each of our projects cultivates an artistic discussion around gender themes that offer a platform for audiences’ reflection.


The GENDERhouse projects

2013-2018  (Overview of projects)
















































Our Achievements so far:


Our GENDERhouse projects to date have expanded into national and international communities, capturing the attention of press, audiences and programmers.

2014 - ReDoing GENDER is awared by The Danish Arts Council Foundation

The Committee said:  “Constantinou is a new and exciting name on the Danish performance art scene, in redoing gender queer masculinity is tackled with love and care.”


2015  - The WOMANhouse is selected for Aerowaves16, a renowned dance platform comprising of over 40 of Europe’s leading dance presenters/programmers, selected Andreas Constantinou as one of the 20 most exciting emerging choreographers in Europe with his creation of The WOMANhouse. As a result of this The WOMANhouse is being promoted by Aerowaves for international touring through Europe in 2016.


2015, The WOMANhouse is awarded by The Danish Arts Council Foundation, for a second year running, Andreas was awarded by the Danish Arts Council Foundation Committee for The WOMANhouse. The committee said:


“With his six-year performance-research project GENDERhouse, Andreas explores the link between gender, sexuality and society. "The Woman House" is the latest result of this research. The show, which was a quartet of four women dressed as men dressed as women, emphatically and humorously challenged the stereotypical gender roles and sexuality. "The Woman House" was a power show, which left the audience breathless and enriched.”

2016, WOMAN is selected for Aerowaves17, for the second year running, one of our GENDERhouse performances are selected as one of the top 20 most exciting performances by emerging choreographers in Europe.

2017, WoMAN & WOMAN nominated for a Reumert Award,  nominated in the category for best dance performance in Denmark, it is a great honour to be nominated for such a prestigious award.

2017, GARDEN listed as one of the top ten best performances in Denmark by Den 4 Væg.

Partnerships and Supporters:



The GENDERhouse Projects are Co-Produced by Bora Bora - Dans og Visuelt Teater, where we are one of their in house artists. With Bora Bora's support we have been able to develop our projects vision and artistry.


Along side this support we have a number of growing partnerships with national and international organizations, funders and theatres that support our development in their own unique ways, whether that be through touring activites, residencies or artistic dialogue.  Some of these supporters include:


  • Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Statens Kunstråd (The Danish Arts Council), Denmark

  • Nordisk Kulturfond

  • Aarhus Kommune (Aarhus Municipality), Denmark

  • Bikubenfonden

  • Danseværket, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK

  • Teatri Di Vita, Bologna, Italy

  • Aerowaves16 and Aerowaves17, Europe

  • ITAK Regional Dance Centre, Finland


We are ever grateful for all the support we recieve and thank you for helping us realise our ambitious goals for The GENDERhouse Projects 2013-201

Two men, two stereotypes, let the competitions begin.

★★★★★ - "Beautiful and breathtaking but also raw and brutal" - Den 4 Væg, Denmark


Immersive performance


★★★★★★ - "the maze felt infinate, this performance impressed with the emotional abilities of the actors " - Den 4 Væg, Denmark

The GENDERhouse Festival 2018


31st August - 27th September

★★★★★★ - "An honest display of vulnerable realities between masculine and feminine extremes" - XQ28, Denmark

★★★★★ - "Crossing boarders, crossking lines, yet utterly wonderful" - 5 Stjerner, Denmark


Youth project 2016

Senior project 2018


World Premiere 18th September 2018

Above: ReDoing GENDER 1.5 at Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark, 2015

The WOMANhouse at Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark 2015

The MANhouse at Bora Bora - dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark, 2013-2014


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